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Alcohol and Drug Testing Sioux Falls

At Sure Test, we hold ourselves to the highest standard, and we firmly believe that the true test of our success is your success. Please contact us today to learn more about our services!

Accurate Alcohol AND Drug Testing Since 1995

For 25 years, Sure Test has been providing businesses with onsite drug and alcohol testing within a 150-mile radius of Sioux Falls, SD.  We believe information is power, especially when it comes to making decisions concerning the well-being of your employees and your company. The more accurate the data, the better the choices you’ll make. With a quarter century of experience behind us, we’ve been able to develop a confidential, cost-effective, high quality testing program which can be easily tweaked to suit the needs of companies of every size.

The Benefits of Sure Test Services

Onsite testing delivers an element of surprise, which eliminates “fudging” or delays in testing by employees, ensuring honest results. Our mission is to help our clients create drug-free work zones with screening programs that quickly pay for themselves with benefits such as:

Increased Productivity
Reduction in Workplace Injuries
Fewer Sick Days
Decrease in Workplace Theft
Decline in Employee Turnover Rates

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Sure Test also offers our services in a clinic setting at our new location at 1610 S. Minnesota Ave in Sioux Falls. As a licensed CME (Certified Medical Examiner), we work with DOT regulated industries and companies whose testing programs are not federally mandated. Our services include: