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Sure Test Alcohol Testing Services
Sure Test has 25 years of experience in performing DOT physical examinations for clients in the Sioux Falls area. Call today to learn more!

Fast, Accurate Results

Sure Test technicians are certified to perform breath alcohol tests for companies in the Sioux Falls region. Using Intoximeter equipment, which is recognized as an industry leader in alcohol detection and approved for DOT testing, we’ll quickly and accurately determine if an employee has alcohol in his/her system while on the job.

Signs of Employee Alcohol Use

Employees under the influence of alcohol put themselves and other workers at risk. They are more likely to make poor decisions which can cause accidents and lower productivity. As an employer, it is your obligation to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse and document them. These include, but are not limited to:

Slurred Speech
Stumbling or Staggering
Falling Asleep on the Job
Inappropriate or Abusive Behavior
Risky Choices
Alcohol Odor on Breath or Clothing

Next, you will must request that the employee agree to an alcohol screening. If the employee declines, you will have to follow established protocol. Once these steps have been taken, Sure Test will respond by administering an alcohol test, confirming the existence or lack of alcohol in the employee’s system, and documenting the accumulated data.


We accept students entering higher education (exp. Nurses) for drug testing and certification.


We accept athletes requiring pre-performance testing.


We accept any individuals that need testing for Drug and Alcohol rehab programs. We also will test individuals that want to come in on their own ability to check your own status.

Court Ordered

We accept anyone who needs testing for child custody like cases.

We’re the Alcohol Testing Company with Experience!

Alcohol testing on employees must be handled correctly and professionally in order to protect the suspect, other employees, and your company. Sure Test will put 25 years of experience in workplace alcohol testing to work for you. Contact us today to learn more or to set up an appointment.