DNA Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing Provides Scientific Evidence Through DNA

The family dynamic can sometimes be a stressful situation determining the biological father. Sure Test understands the complexity of such situations and is able to help ease some of the stress by providing the answers to many of your questions through DNA.

Paternity testing provides scientific evidence through DNA of whether a man can be the child’s biological father. This is done through a simple, yet thorough process by comparing the child’s DNA with the DNA of the alleged father. Paternity testing can be used to establish the parenthood of a child for a court case such as child support, social security, child custody, or simply informational to the question “am I the father”? Sure Test can help ease the stress by collecting DNA of the alleged father, child, and mother through a cheek swab. The DNA is then sent to an accredited lab for scientific testing. The testing results are usually available in 5-7 business days.

Sure Test is able to provide both legal and non-legal DNA testing to get you the answers you need. Additionally, family DNA testing is available upon request. Call Sure Test of Sioux Falls, SD for your paternity answers.