Our Hearing Test Services

Sure Test Hearing Testing Sioux Falls

Minimize Workplace Disruptions with On-Site Testing

Since 1995, Sure Test has been providing companies with hearing evaluation and noise level testing that is quick, thorough, and nondisruptive. This ensures productivity and cuts down on travel and labor costs. If you’re in charge of seeing that your company meets all OSHA noise standards, contact us today for more information!

Meet All OSHA Noise Standards

Hearing loss is the most common work-related injury, yet it is one of the most preventable! OSHA requires that companies monitor and report employee noise level exposure. Sure Test provides hearing testing/noise sampling, noise dosimetry surveys, and comprehensive Hearing Conservation Programs (HCP) for Sioux Falls area businesses in order to meet OSHA Noise Standard (29 CFR 1910.95.).

Easy, Non-Disruptive Hearing Tests

If not properly tested and reported, noise exposure can cost a company a lot of money in fines and employee litigation. The good news is, meeting OSHA standards is easy when you work with Sure Test.

A certified professional from Sure Test will evaluate the hearing sensitivity of your employees using an audiometer. Once we develop a baseline hearing level, annual evaluations will then allow us to monitor hearing changes.

Measure Noise Levels

We also measure employee noise level exposure. During the work shift, an employee wears a small noise dosimeter, which measures sound (usually at 1/2- to 1-second intervals and collects the data over the course of the shift). The information we compile with the dosimeter will be compared to OSHA Exposure Limits, and a comprehensive report which meets OSHA documentation requirements will be generated.

We will discuss these findings with you. If noise levels meet or exceed OSHA limits, Sure Test can help your company develop a hearing conservation program (HCP) to protect employees and comply with regulation.

Why Have Hearing Evaluations from Sure Test?

Conduct noise surveys and exposure monitoring
Generate comprehensive reports to meet documentation requirements
Consultation and review of the results
Help organizing and administering an HCP, including employee training
Develop customized, written hearing conservation management plans